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Quake III Runs Fragtastically On a Droid [Smartphones]

Ten years ago, Quake III required a PC tower with some gaming cred. Today, all you need is a smartphone running Android 1.6 or later. And it's even a free download.

The hobby project of thunderbird2k, this video shows Quake III running pretty well on a the Motorola Droid—between 20 and 30fps—while allowing perks like multiplayer and customizable controls. (Also impressive: before the Quake was optimized for the platform, it still ran at about 22fps.) Given that the Droid doesn't have the fastest processor around, I'd be curious to see Quake III running on something like a Nexus One. In fact, maybe we should start using games to benchmark these phones, just as we do with beefy PC rigs.

Oh, and on a slightly related note...

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HTC Incredible (Or Supersonic?) Glimpsed On Video [Android]

Both the Incredible and Supersonic have had their leaky moments, and due to the similarities it's difficult to tell which model is shown here. I'm leaning towards the Incredible, which is meant to be the Verizon version of the Desire.

The video's in pretty poor quality, but you can see it's got the same ridged back as previous photos have shown—and while the back is red, I wouldn't read too much into that, as HTC always does colored parts for prototypes, favoring pretty basic colors for the launch. It's definitely a US-only device, shown running Verizon Wireless—but also lacks the chin that European Android phones from HTC always have.

When I had a briefing with HTC about the Legend and Desire, they told me every Android phone destined for the European market will have a chin, with US launches lacking one.

Check out the video for a shakycam look at the Incredible (or Supersonic), and let me know what you think. There seems to be a deeper bezel on the bottom half, like the Incredible—is that where the optical trackpad is? It's a bit hard to make out. [Phandroid]

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